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About Me:

I welcome all of you to my site! My name is Irina Malts. I have received my ECE diploma from Pedagogical College in St. Petersburg, where I subsequently worked in a daycare center. I took up the challenge of welcoming three-year-olds to the junior section, nurturing and teaching them, watching them grow, and then letting them go when they reached pre-school level.

In Canada I worked at Advanced Learning Daycare Center with a group of toddlers. I found the experience very rewarding in many ways, but I felt that I can share more of what I have to offer in a smaller, cosier environment. My home daycare is built on years of experience, both as a professional and as a mother of two. My goal is to give the children an advantage in later life, both academically and socially. Your children require a tremendous amount of attention in order to reach their full potential – and that is exactly what I am able to provide due to the smaller size of my daycare. I focus on getting to know each child, his or her strengths and weaknesses, and then I work towards encouraging the former and eliminating the latter. My individualistic approach extends beyond teaching. The children spend a considerable amount of time with me and I feel that it is imperative that I learn their little habits, the foods they like and generally – what makes them tick. I find my work to be very rewarding, and every child who loves coming to my daycare brings joy to my heart. 

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