Habits begin forming at a very young age and I believe that our children deserve the opportunity to begin developing healthy eating habits now so that they may grow up to be fit and healthy adults.

I will teach children to appreciate the goodness of home cooked meals: soups, baked vegetables, salads, etc.

By showing children at a young age how good fruits and vegetables are, how juicy and delicious and colourful they are, and how lovely it is that we may have them for snack, we may be giving our children a very valuable gift: when they are teens they may not find it so difficult to avoid potato chips and soda drinks.

So basically, my motto is: hot dogs and potato chips – NOT IN MY HOUSE!!

Young children are like sponges – they are constantly absorbing information, they look to us to form basic opinions about the world that they are just beginning to define for themselves. Perhaps we cannot yet sit down with them and explain to them why one choice is better than another – But we can show them, and they’ll learn from us!!!

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